Apply to Ride at the Centre



The benefits of riding are many and we have numerous stories about those who ride with us at The Centre and the benefits they have derived and Catherine is no exception. She came to The Centre at the age of three as a Rider and then graduated to Carriage Driving, passing her Grade I examination. Catherine, having previously left us to pursue other interests, has now
returned to The Centre to take her Grade II Carriage Driving examination. (Read Catherine’s Story, and others, in our ‘Rider Contributions’ section)

If you would like to make an application to ride at The Shelley Centre please telephone us on 01473 824172 or
Click here to download an Application Form.

When telephoning us we will need to know your name, address and telephone number, the name of the proposed rider, their gender, age and weight, and details of their disability. Riding takes place during school hours and in term time only therefore we recommend that, in the case of a Child, that you first discuss the possibility of taking time out of school to participate in this therapy with the appropriate school authority, before submitting your application



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