Evie & Jake

Letter received from Sue, the mother of Evie and Jake – 2010.

Dear Marion and Monday Helpers,

I am writing to say that sadly Evie and Jake will have to discontinue with their riding session at Shelley.

……………..We will be sad to say goodbye as the RDA has been a very big part of Evie and Jake's life but, as with many of your riders, they have reached a stage where the demands of passing GCSE's and then moving on to college/work make it impossible for them to fit the RDA in.

I cannot begin to tell you the difference you all have made to Evie and Jake over the years. For many years Evie's bedroom was covered in photos of the RDA ponies and she drew a great deal of emotional strength from her connection with them especially when she suddenly and unexpectedly completely lost any ability to stand or walk in summer 2007. I totally credit Jake's trunk control and improved range of movement in his limbs to the therapeutic effect of the riding.  His physiotherapist has often commented on this as well.

As their mother I am so grateful to you all for the difference you have made to them and to other children in similar circumstances - giving up your time, often in very challenging weather conditions, to offer such a worthwhile therapy.

We have many wonderful memories:- Evie at three years old (so very tiny) perched on Strikey, Jake arriving for his first RDA session with very poor trunk control and gaining the ability to sit up properly during that first ride.  Evie at the Regional’s and National’s in 2008, Jake enjoying the sight of himself riding Ebony in the mirror…..and many more.

It has been our privilege as a family to be connected with you all and with such a wonderful organisation. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have given us during the last thirteen years.
With love from Sue, Evie and Jake.








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