Nathaniel Haste’s Letter

The Shelley Centre,

As you may or may not know, this Wednesday may be our last however this is still uncertain. This is to say Thank You, I would specially like to thank Anne for helping us every step on all our achievements, which are unaccountable for. I would also like to thank for every opportunity which has been given to me, specially the bronze award, which not only Anne needs the biggest thank you for; for all the and preparation and organising she did for it, but also Linda who managed to get us ready on the practical side of things where we learnt the most.

I also want to thank not only the Wednesday pm volunteers but the whole shelley centre with everything they have done and organised to help me to help me achieve my best. My final thank you is for all the people who are not here anymore, which is Brian who helped me become a better rider and taught me all the tricks, and the ‘other Anne’ who I don’t know her full name, but she helped me learn everything about horse care and was a horse’s best friend.

I give all my greatest thanks to everyone, and I might not be leaving at all, and if I do it will not be my last visit.








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