Rowan Haste’s Letter

To shelley centre,

RowanHasteLtrI would like to say Thank You to all the helpers and leaders that have helped me here at shelley. Some do not know but today might be me and Nathaniel’s last day today, as next year I will be starting my GCSE’s and may not be able to get the time off school to come horse riding. I want to say thank you to everyone and for them to know how much they mean to me here, and how much I owe them for helping me over the last 9 years here.

Anne, thank you, you have helped me so much and nagged at me to get things done and to do things right. To be able to help me, without you I would be nowhere, I wouldn’t have a bronze stable management award or half of my grades. Although you would moan and want things right, I wouldn’t deliver, you would still try and in the end we got it right.

This is to say thank you to my helpers, leaders and friends.

Hopefully I will be back next year, this is in case I’m not.

Rowan Haste

Lyn I’m sorry if I’m not here next year; you’re mucking out on your own!

Thank you for these great moments.





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