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Sky TV and Strikey at Shelley Feb 2010
Silvretta Stralika


May 1983 – October 2010

Strikey arrived at the Hadleigh RDA Group 16 years ago, in October 1994. Recovering from a serious episode of laminitis, he was ready for regular, slow exercise which I was not able to give him following a riding fall, so Hadleigh RDA was the perfect place for him. He needed you and you needed him – it was good fortune for us all for the next 16 years!

I would like to sincerely thank everyone at The Shelley Centre, especially Lyn, for giving Strikey a happy, useful and fulfilling life for so long. If, as nearly happened all those years ago, he had moved to a Scottish trekking centre, I would never have had the opportunity to meet so many friendly and kind people, or to have Strikey as an important part of my life, or for his popularity to lead to a Strikey model being made for posterity. What a legacy!

Strikey’s “Mum”

Strikey's Breyer model - available NOW!Everyone at The Centre was saddened by the death of Strikey during October 2010, with the suddenness of the event impacting upon everyone because he was so well loved by Riders and Helpers alike. Strikey was a character with striking good looks too. Perhaps it was fitting that Strikey should have enjoyed the unique privilege of becoming the RDA 40th Anniversary Pony, chosen from over 100 other ponies from throughout the RDA organisation. Breyer, who sponsored the 40th Anniversary Pony competition, have since produced a model of Strikey which can be purchased via the RDA Web site



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